Online Games for Kids

It’s safe to say that smartphones and tablets are here to stay. We can restrict usage or, use them to our advantage. No, we’re not talking about throwing Netflix on and leaving our children be. We’re talking about online games that, when supervised, can add to our little kids’ education about the world around us.

We’ve broken them up into free and paid-for online games and, as you can see, most are free with in-app payments. They’re also not in any specific age order but have a scroll and let us know which you love and loath and which we should add to the list. 

Free online games

With free online games for kids, there is always the risk that the wrong button – or flashing banner – will be clicked on, or that small fingers may get impatient waiting for an advert to finish, but there are some good ones.

Nitro jump racing

Customise cars and race at your own pace, with loads of free content. 

If you do decide on a paid version, the Apple iStore quotes a monthly fee which will cost about $4.99 a month with the first 3 days free. 

Google play | Apple store

Subway surf

An endless runner arcade game, meaning it never ends so there is endless entertainment. It’s a free game, but does offer some in-app purchases. Since it’s a single player game, it has a safety rating from the e-Safety Commissioner. Take a look here for more information!

Google play | Apple store

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids celebrates joyful learning. The app is unique per user and follows an adaptive, independent learning path that you and your child can determine together. It’s award-winning, free and has no ads or distractions. 

Google play | Apple store | Amazon Store 

ABC Animals

ABC animals is a great app for preschoolers. Learn about, wash and take care of animals. Flashcards, connect the dots, puzzles and a whole lot more. 

Google play | Apple store

Fisher-Price Learn and Play 

The Fisher-Price Learn and Play app is free and educational, with zero distractions (that means no ads!). Let them learn through play and enjoy an app that grows with your little one. There’s also a selection of soothing lullabies for a bit of chill-out time. 

Head to the Fisher-Price website to download the app on Apple or Android devices.

Jigsaw HD

A free jigsaw puzzle app that is great for little ones that seem to churn through puzzles. You can set the puzzle difficulty and give your kids some control by letting them choose the puzzle image. 

Google play | Apple store


CodeSpark helps kids learn to code through interactive play. It teaches some of the fundamentals of coding like basic problem solving, logical thinking skills, creativity, and persistence. 

Google play | Apple store

Minion Rush

Need we say any more? MINIONS! Over 950 million players have taken a crack at getting these beloved characters to jump, roll and dodge as they explore recognisable landscapes. 

Google play | Apple store

Block 3D craft 

Block 3D is a free minecraft game, in which players adventure and acquire different elements which can be used to build houses and, really, anything their imagination desires. 

It’s a free browser game. Head over here to check it out

Happy color by numbers

Free, but you can purchase a collection of specific pictures if needed. We got a Spider-Man collection and spent a solid 45 minutes concentrating on finding the next block to colour. There were a few moments where the ‘hint’ button was pushed, but still – 45 minutes! 

Google play | Apple store

Chess for kids

Online games that require payment

Sound Touch 

Sound Touch is a paid online game that is great for learning to identify animals, objects around the house, sounds, and words as they turn over tiles. 

Google play | Apple store


The Minecraft pocket edition starts out as a randomly generated environment. Players need to build shelter and other creations from elements they collect. 

Google play | Apple store

What are your go-to games? Even better, if you are a teacher, we’d love to hear from you.

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